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The Firearm Magazine Safety Lock
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The Firearm Magazine Safety Lock
  Lock it like you Load it!

These are two possible examples of the evolution and adaptability to a manufacturers individual specifications and requirements. For example the lock's shown here can be concealed within the magazine well with or without an aesthetic cover.

Patent# US7,543,403B1

This model was built for the Sig Sauer P226, 228 & 229 Series
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Did you know:

In 2006, EVERY DAYan average of 9 young people ages 0 -19 were killed by a firearm in the United States, (NCIPC).

Also, 82 % of youth firearm suicide victims used a firearm belonging to a family member, usually a parent (Harvard School of Public Health, 2002).

In 2007, 4,165 children and teens were injured with a gun unintentionally (NCIPC).

These Statistics are tragic

If sold (or included with every gun purchase) with every gun, the Firearm Magazine Safety Lock,



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